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This offer expires at 12am Midnight EDT on Monday, Oct. 23rd!


Build Your Client Base

4 weeks to FINALLY GET design CLIENTS!

Learn exactly how to bring your permaculture design business to Life.

Join me as I share the exact steps I've tested and improved upon in my own design business! 



Achieve more with pete: 

"There's so much to think about when you decide to start a business and it's lonely too! Pete breaks it down into manageable tasks and holds you accountable to get it done. Since I've been working with Pete I've achieved more in the last three months than I'd done in the previous year."

- Rachael L

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Get clients without being "salesy": 

"Pete is not only a great landscape designer - he has a way of connecting to other people like no other. He doesn't need to be salesy... and he definitely is not.. That's what you want your landscape designer to be like. You can feel that this is what he loves - and that's why he wants to help others do the same. People would be stupid not to work with him."

- Monika R

MODULE #1: Your Mindset

  • Get clear on your financial needs
  • Face your fears and doubts
  • Find your personal mission, to fuel your fire
  • Work Smarter not Harder
Module 1 - Icon.png
Module 1 - Icon.png

MODULE #2: Your Design Niche

  • Get clear on what you do and don't do for clients
  • Benefit from niching within the world of Permaculture
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Streamline everything in your business with your niche!

MODULE #3: Your Offerings

  • Define the products and services you will offer
  • Bring focus to your work process and make it a breeze
  • Increase revenue while minimizing work by creating higher-end products and services based on your niche
  • Build a portfolio of work you love while doing it!
  • Keep income steady in your business by providing add-on products and services
Module 1 - Icon.png
Module 1 - Icon.png

MODULE #4: Get the Word Out!

  • Create a portfolio that works for you
  • Find clients locally, internationally, or online
  • Leverage other people's audiences to spread your name like wildfire
  • The key things you need for your website or business page
  • Put your client attraction on autopilot


  1. How to lead an initial consultation that gets you the info you need to Seal the deal! Step-by-Step script.

2. Estimate design costs accurately Create Design Bids to get paid what your worth. These are time-tested formulas that also help you leave wiggle room for overtime.


3. Templates for Design Proposals and Contracts. Pre-made documents to swipe and plug in your clients' info, to get Designing that much faster!

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Mockup - Mockup.png

My whole process is laid out Step-by-Step

inside the course!

You get to follow a process that works,

minus the frustration. 


PRE-SALE PRICING: Build Your Client Base begins on October 23rd, 2017.

You will receive an email with your log in information to our private course site on Oct. 23rd, and your first lesson with be waiting for you!


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  • On Monday Oct. 23rd, you'll receive another email with your info to log in to our private course site. Module 1 will be ready and waiting for you (each subsequent module comes out each following week).

  • You will have life-time access to the course, its updates, and the BYCB online community of like-minded professionals!