Do you have a grand vision for your property?

Perhaps you have some ideas collected, bits and pieces of what could be. A place to gather with friends and family, a lush garden full of herbs, veggies and seasonal fruits.. perhaps even a woodland you'd like to create habitat within and also grow medicinal herbs and mushrooms!

The big difference between these wonderful dreams and their reality on the ground is a good plan to follow.

I see so many homeowners from 1/10 acre to 80, who understandably get so excited that they try to put everything in at once, or perhaps get giddy and create a small vineyard only to realize 3 years later that it's in the wrong spot.

A good designer is a good listener. Someone who can truly hear your ideas and aspirations for the landscape and the lifestyle you want, and create a well-paced plan for it to come together in a fun and step-wise fashion.

Below, you'll see a gallery of images from projects I've completed. Underneath this I've laid out my basic design process, so you can get an idea of what it's like to work together. 


Design Process

A structured process allows us to tailor the design experience to you, within a framework that produces successful plans time and again. We use a 4-step process to keep things simple and allow you to co-create with us along the way. The result is a design that you feel a sense of ownership over, confident that the plans represent your family’s needs, and create opportunities for greater enjoyment of your property through low maintenance food production, wildlife support, and timeless beauty.


On-site consultation

This is generally a one hour, in-person visit to your property where we walk and talk ideas. This results in a text proposal for design services, laying out the ideas and improvements we discuss, and infusing this with our own sense of what will enhance the form and function of your site. This proposal becomes our design contract, and serves as the basis for our work together.


conceptual design

The Conceptual Design phase begins with site measurements, and inventory + analysis of existing features and processes already happening on your property. This informs us of what is possible as what exists is compared to what is desired. The Concept created from this analysis shows how zones of use, site programming, specific plantings, etc. may be best placed for optimal flow and interaction on site. This addresses everyday needs such as ease of movement around the land and maintenance access, as well as uncovering opportunities for seasonal interest and views, abundant fruit production, etc.



After reviewing the Concept together, your feedback is taken into account as we craft the final, detailed design. This shows exactly which materials and plantings go where, and informs any installation phases the project is broken up into in the Management Plan. We will review the Detailed Design together as well, to ensure that the final product is well-suited to your vision and lifestyle needs (maintenance, aesthetics, outdoor activities, etc).


Using the Detailed Design and your feedback on installation phasing and maintenance expectations, we’ll craft a plan for the first 1-10 years of install and establishment at your property. This ensures that your entire design can be implemented according to your unique budget, time, and energy considerations.

A successful and resilient landscape comes together over time, rather than via the all-at-once approach that burns so many well-intentioned people out, and prevents true enjoyment of the landscape.

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